Fall 2016 Petition Course Signup on WebAdvising

If a course is a “petition” course (indicated by a “Y” in the Petition column on the course listing), interested students must request a petition online.

Petition Request Days: Saturday, May 7th - Tuesday, May 10th  

Login to https://webadvising.union.edu and access the student menu.

In the area marked “Why do you want or need this course,” please add any comments that will assist the department in determining your eligibility for the course.  Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page to complete your petition course requests.

Note: You can add or delete petitions through Tuesday, May 10th.  After this date, you will have to contact the department administrative assistant directly if you need to modify your requests.

Petition Acceptance Days –  Tuesday, May 17th- Thursday, May 19th  

Log back in to https://webadvising.union.edu and select “Petition Course Management” to view the status of your petition requests.  If you are approved for a petition, the status of “Faculty Approved” will appear to the right of the course.  

Change the status from “Faculty Approved” to “Accepted by Student.”

REMINDER:  Changing the status does not automatically register you for the course. YOU STILL NEED TO REGISTER FOR THE COURSE IN WEBADVISING during your allotted time.

Petitions that have not been approved will have a status of “Waitlisted” or “Denied.”  If you have any questions about these, you need to contact the academic department directly.

If you are approved for a petition that you no longer need, please change the status to “NOT NEEDED.”   Online petitions may be invalidated after Friday, May 27th if you neglect to register for the course.  After that date, departments may start going to their waitlist.

If you run into any problems signing up for petition courses, please contact the administrative assistant within the specific department or the Registrar’s Office.